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A large gap exists between our physical symptoms and our experience with our traditional allopathic doctor. We want desperately for our symptoms to just go away, but most often seek answers from experts simply not trained to naturally heal the whole body - the entire person. Symptoms are information, clues and indicators of a problem the body is desperately trying to communicate and should be explored with curiosity rather than forced quiet. The magnificent design of your body is beyond comprehension! It is hardwired to heal, provided we give it what it needs.

This is where I, as a functionally trained health and lifestyle practitioner, can help.


As a faith and family-focused Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, my passion is the health of the family; not just physically but relationally, spiritually, and emotionally. I believe the physical, especially the brain/mind, must be prioritized in order to experience a better reality and to create a brighter future for the generations to come.


I partner with families, especially mothers of all stages, in navigating their way back to holistic wellness by not only addressing diet and lifestyle, but also by compassionately diving deep into their unique story to uncover roots to unhelpful beliefs, behavior patterns, and habits. From here, we rebuild - God's way.


The influence of the mother in the home is unique and very powerful. She possesses the ability to propel her family higher, but only when she feels whole and strong enough to do so. When mom takes the time to heal herself from the inside out, the entire family benefits.


That's why my coaching motto is:


"Heal Mom, Heal Her Family"



Help strengthen families by inspiring ambitious individuals to discover their full physical, relational, and spiritual potential so they can show up in their homes and life as their best self.



Assist clients with identifying problematic lifestyle areas and together create solutions for restored health, vitality and joy.​



By way of active listening and collaboration, guide and encourage clients to establish specific, action-oriented goals that will move them towards improved health and wellness.



Through loving accountability, education, and motivation, clients enjoy quality living by adopting new, healthier lifestyle habits that last, benefiting the individual and the family!

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Heal Mom, Heal Her Family
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