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Demystifying Mental Health
In-Home Lifestyle Strategies for Moms


Group Mental Health Coaching


February 21, 2024 



May 15, 2024

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Are you a mom whose child is struggling with his/her mental health?

Are you desperate to help but unsure how?

You're in the right place!

Demystifying Mental Health - In-Home Lifestyle Strategies for Moms is a program designed to teach moms how to navigate mental health challenges from a holistic approach within the home. If your child is struggling with anxiety, depression, changes in mood and motivation, irritability, school resistance, appetite changes, or any other distressing behavior change that is disrupting their life, there likely are contributing factors that can be positively influenced once they are uncovered and better understood.
This program is right for you if:
  • You desire a more natural approach to addressing your child's mental illness symptoms

  • Medications and talk therapy have helped some but your child is still having a difficult time

  • You are open to learning about the needs of the body and adopting new lifestyle strategies for you and your family

  • You want the support and comfort of other moms going through similar trials

  • You trust that God can and will guide you

What you will learn:
  • The impact of specific foods on our brains and bodies and how to craft a brain and gut healing menu and lifestyle

  • How disordered lifestyle areas like sleep, exercise, time in nature, screentime, creative expression, social media, loneliness, and others affect the brain and nervous system

  • How to access the best functional lab tests to gain specific insight into possible root causes and craft customized solutions

  • What tests your doctor should be able and willing to order and why they matter

  • The role the microbiome, early life experiences, unique personalities, and chronic stress have on the brain, body, and nervous system and how to influence them for better mental health

  • How sensitivities to things like certain foods, chemicals, sensory overload, social situations, toxins, and heavy metals can contribute to mental illness

  • Most importantly, how to activate your faith and invite God to direct your steps

Hi! I'm Tracy and I am passionate about the physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual health of the family. I have dedicated my life first to my own family and next to helping moms better understand themselves and their loved ones so they can maximize their potential and be the cornerstones of their families. I recognize mothers are nurturing agents of change, able to set their families on lasting courses of health and vibrancy.

Sometimes, though, she needs support of her own to show up strong and confident. This is what I do; I make room for moms to be vulnerable with their fears and insecurities, their disappointments and struggles. Together, we determine what her specific needs are and establish a strategy to meet them so she feels heard, validated, and nourished. Then she can re-enter her family's story as the irreplaceable helper she is. From there, all good things are possible.


Here's what one of my teenage clients had to say about working together


Here's what a mom of 2 had to say about working together

Tracy has helped me prepare for college over the past year or so. I do not know what I would’ve done without her. I have gone to several therapists, but none of them were able to help me the way Tracy did. Her holistic life coach approach works wonders. -A.J., teen

Tracy is so wonderful at what she does. Her passion for moms and their families is extremely obvious. That mixed with her beautiful faith was the perfect balance for me to get on a healthier path. She has been able to coach me and my family to a healthier life style through food choices, supplements, positive thinking and so much more. I never felt overwhelmed or discouraged with Tracy. She has a great way of making me always feel in control and focused on the end goal. Tracy is always there to guide me at MY speed and ability. My family is SO grateful for all she has done and continues to do for us.  -J. Leavy, mom of 2

Program Details

Each session consists of 45 minutes of teaching and 45 minutes of Q&A about the content

Zoom Sessions:

                Introduction and Overview

                Find Calm by Activating Your Faith

                How To Build Your Support Network: Lock Step With Me to Avoid Relational Pitfalls

                Pre-recorded Presentation on Anxiety and Depression

                Develop a Full Understanding of YOUR Unique Child + YOUR Unique Personality/Beliefs and                                How These Intersect

                Become Your Child's Advocate by Understanding the Many Potential Drivers of Mental                                      Illness/Exploring Functional and Conventional Laboratory Tests and What They Might Mean

                Roll Up Your Sleeves for Change by Understanding the Designer's Design

                Optimize Mental Health by Developing New Customized Familial Routines

                Tie It All Together + Feedback and Reviews

The teaching portion of each session will be recorded and a replay link will be available for the term of the program. Recordings are for the viewing of the participants only. Please do not share.. The Q&A portion of each session will NOT be recorded for privacy reasons.


Cost:         TBD

The program requires a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 12.

A second cohort will be opened up on an as-needed basis (Wednesdays 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm).

BONUS: Upon registration, you will have the opportunity to enjoy 15% off my 1:1 rate for more family-specific help navigating this mental health journey.  These three 1-hour private sessions are held over the duration of the program and will allow us to hone in on your specific situation and tailor a strategy that is truly custom-fit for you and your family.

Here's what a mom of 2, had to say about working with me

There is no better partner for your family/child’s overall health and well being than Tracy and Slingshot Health Coaching! The struggles of raising a child in todays climate often seem overwhelming and no one gets it better than Tracy. Open your mind and let her in you will not regret it!!! -G. Moritz, mom of 2


  • Do I have to attend live or are there recordings?

    • Life is busy, I get it! Of course, live is the best experience because we will spend 45 minutes tackling questions that will not be recorded for privacy reasons. But, don't worry! Each participant receives a link to the teaching recording that they will have access to for the duration of the program. I only ask that you do not share this with anyone as it is material just for program attendees.

  • What types of mental illnesses will you be covering?

    • Mainly we will be addressing anxiety and depression, but certainly, this information is applicable to other mental illnesses like ADHD, OCD, and other neuroinflammatory illnesses.

  • Do I have to be a Christian to join?

    • I get this fair question a lot. I have been doing this work for many years and my experience has been the same. For clients who do not want the faith component as part of their program, there is a limit to how much healing and understanding they enjoy. I believe wholeheartedly that, without the power of the Holy Spirit that indwells us by faith in Jesus, God doesn't have the permission and surrender of the will He needs to manifest His power, mercy, and grace. So then, as long as you are open to the things of God and a relationship to Jesus, this program is right for you. Openness is all I require. You can be anywhere along the spectrum of faith; you just need to be on that spectrum. I'm always available for further discussion on this particular topic.

  • Will I have access to the lab tests you'll be teaching on?

    • Yes! I work with a local functional pharmacy and they have the professionals on staff to determine which tests are best for your child, what the results mean, and what your best next steps are in terms of targeted supplementation and/or medication. Note: they do NOT in any way replace the scope of practice of your prescribing doctor. S/he has the final say when it comes to your prescriptions.

  • Do you offer 1:1 sessions?​

    • Yes! And, as a member of this group, you will have access to a bonus! For those registering for the group program PLUS three 1:1 sessions held over the duration of the course, you will receive 15% off! However, this is available only at the time of registration before the start of the program. See the terms listed in the Program Description section of this page.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    • Because you've made it this far, I trust you are suffering a mental health crisis in your home. I know firsthand how awful this is! That is exactly why I created this opportunity, to help as many moms as I can avoid the mistakes I made and enjoy the benefits of everything I've learned about navigating this very stressful event. This is why I do not offer refunds. You need this information. This will be the best money you've ever spent. Plus, as a beta program, I will never again offer this program at this reduced rate. Now is your chance to enhance your knowledge, be brave, and feel confident and competent in advocating for your child.

  • What if I want to join but can't afford it?

    • Once again, another fair question. But, I would ask you, "Can you afford not to learn this critical information that could transform and even save your child's life?" I would guarantee this crisis is one of the worst experiences of your life. What is it worth to you to identify the root causes of your child's suffering and discover lasting relief, peace in your home, and healed relationships?

If you have additional questions, please email me at

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