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Mom, are you overwhelmed, scared, and confused trying to address mental health in your home?

I understand!


I’m Tracy and I help moms who are looking for a more holistic way to navigate the tricky and complex terrain of mental health.


Whether it's you, mom, or your child who needs support, these proven integrated whole-person strategies work!


Together we transform chaos into triumph by using powerful nutritional, lifestyle, emotional, relational, and faith-based approaches to wellness.

Mental health IS full-body health.


Discover powerful self-exploration techniques and communication strategies to reconnect with yourself, your child, and your family and begin your journey to true lasting health.

Choose the Free Guide that best suits your needs.

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How Do I End the Emotional Turmoil in My Home?

Do you feel like you’ve done all you can but nothing seems to be working - there's still crying, avoidance of life, irrational fears, outbursts, and conflict?

Have you tried medications but find they are not entirely effective and maybe even cause unwanted side effects?

Is the talk therapy helpful yet the symptoms persist?


Are you still desperately looking for that missing piece?

Do you know there are many additional approaches to mental health like identifying and addressing individualized food sensitivities such as gluten or dairy, nutritional deficiencies like Vitamin B6 or B12, or disordered sleep habits?

I Get It!

I've been exactly where you are. Whether it's you, mom, who is struggling or if it's your child, I know firsthand the frustrations of mental health challenges and how they can turn a home upside down.

Because of my faith and adjustments to the way I live, I'm blessed to now be on the other side of the nightmare.

Through years of experience and education, I've learned you can't talk your way out of a disconnection from God or biochemistry imbalance.

Oftentimes, mental health challenges have more of their roots in physiology than psychology. This is the missing piece so few know about!

I will be your guide, helping you skillfully navigate your family’s mental health so you can experience peace, joy, and health in your home.

How We Work Together

We'll explore all possible physical, lifestyle, emotional, spiritual, and relational triggers. From there, we'll develop a thorough timeline to help explain how you or your child likely got to this point, and craft a customized roadmap back to health and happiness. You WILL emerge a stronger, healthier person and family!

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Join Our Safe and Empowered Community

This group provides insights and know-how for whole-person health and connection. No judgment; just compassion mixed with relevant and actionable education to restore health and peace in your home!

Heal Mom, Heal Her Family

Tracy began coaching me at my lowest point. I was in crisis with my health-physical, mental and emotional. She compassionately took me on and through her unique capacity to care and love, helped me get past the worst and take the critical steps to begin healing. I have, thank God, come out of that horrible pit and feel joyful and hopeful again. She helped me tremendously in my thought life, teaching me and cheering me on as I do the hard work of changing life long negative thinking and break free, one chain at a time. She has been the most encouraging voice during this time, championing me on in my marriage, as a mom, and in my own personal day to day life. She listens and truly cares like no other human I have ever encountered. It's a God given gift. I can say for certain that I would NOT be in the place I am health-wise without Tracy's coaching and support. She has truly been a God-send and a blessing in the hardest season of my life, helping me learn how to become healthy in mind, body and spirit. I am forever grateful! -Christa T., wife and mom of 2

I am so grateful to Tracy for leading me to a path of health and wellness. Through her listening skills, training, and knowledge in health and wellness, she gently guided me to see areas I needed to improve. Now, I would be so bold as to say that I have never felt this healthy before- emotionally, physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. Because of this, I am a better wife and mother to my children. Tracy is an unequaled coach and has created a powerful and exceptional program for women who are in need of true healing and wellness. -Valerie R., wife and mom of 4

I truly didn't realize how bad I felt (physically & emotionally) until I felt how I do today. Some of the things Tracy helped me work on are: eating clean, taking care of my body, mind & soul, cooking from scratch, learning more about myself & who I was created to be, confidence, why supplements are important, taking care of myself and changing my thoughts in order to change my life. I can't capture in words the magic that happens when you meet with her. She is passionate, Spirit-filled, not judgmental, patient and wise. Working with Tracy changed my life. -Michelle S., wife and mom of 3

This investment in myself was a time to focus on my physical, mental, and emotional health and my spiritual life. Tracy has such wisdom and I feel like everyone needs to benefit from it! I love how God was present in every meeting we had. God used Tracy to show me that I am wonderfully made by my creator and that I matter in this life. Tracy is so encouraging and taught me how to use my past to move forward to the future God has for me. During the 6 months with Tracy, she never rushed me to better health, but helped me make better choices that I can sustain for LIFE! -Nadine H., wife and mom of 3

Read up on holistic, faith-based diet and lifestyle strategies to support brain health

Gain applicable, real-life insights and tips on how to improve the physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual health of you, your child(ren), and family.


What's God Got To Do With My Health?

Expanding Our Mental Health Toolbox


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