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Cooking Demonstration

It feels good to have a plan to eat healthy!

The art of home cooking is not as prevalent as it once was. Many of us moms find ourselves ill-equipped to plan for and cook whole-food meals for our families simply because they were never taught how.

So, without a doubt, one of the worst stressors for us busy moms is mealtime. We want so much to consistently feed our families healthy meals, but it can be a real struggle.

Life is so busy and unfortunately “what’s for dinner” is a question usually asked right around 6pm by “starving” finicky family members to a mom without a plan. The only solution, out of desperation and frustration, all too often ends up being take-out or freezer food. I know because I’ve been there, plenty of times.

That’s why I created this in-home Cooking Demonstration opportunity.


  • Together we’ll prepare a recipe that meets all the ideal standards of the harried mom: fast, easy, tasty, healthy and clean.

  • No unrecognizable ingredients.

  • No intimidating techniques.

  • Just simple recipes that instruct you to make real, nourishing food your entire family will eat and enjoy.

SHC-Cooking Demo Image 1.jpg

What to expect:

  • Two hours of observing, learning and tasting

  • Personalized recipe selection that you’ll learn how to tweak and repeat

  • Hands-on cooking demo

  • Tasting of the meal with a take-home recipe for each guest

  • Open discussion about the recipe, ingredients and their health qualities

Want to learn more? Email me for more information and pricing.

Or, go ahead and book your event now.

Note: Minimum of 4 pre-registered participants required

Heal Mom, Heal Her Family
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