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At the curb

When I was walking my two dogs this morning as I always do, I saw these toys sitting curbside waiting for the garbage truck to scoop them away. I had two thoughts. One was, "Kinda sad when your kids outgrow their stuff and pink worm scooters are replaced with something more "relevant" that likely requires charging." Sigh. The other thought I had, though, was different. I said to myself, "It's a healthy process to take a look around for clutter that no longer works for you and discard it." That goes for all kinds of stuff, not just household excess. Moving beyond material things, what about our thoughts and beliefs? Do we seasonally check in with these to determine whether or not they are helpful and worth holding on to? Probably not. That means we continue to amass piles and piles of outdated stories and ideas that clutter our minds and impede our ability to make sound judgments and healthy choices.

Like I said, I walk my dogs down this street every single day. I've seen this family in action. Two young parents with at least two small children, swirling in the hustle and bustle that comes with that season of life. Their home is tidy and their garage pretty clean. Impressive. That's all fine and good. But, what about daily decisions prompted by thoughts, judgments, beliefs and inner stories? Are those kept neat and orderly as well? Are they pruned as swiftly as the garage for outdated debris? That Tonka scooter served their little boy well at one point, but no longer. So to the curb it goes. What a world it would be if we did the same housecleaning in our minds and in our souls so that we live free to choose well and from a place of clarity and maturity.

Spring is here. Time to purge. Be intentional about freeing up some mental real estate so that your mind can then be occupied by higher quality "tenants."

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