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Behind or in front?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Let me ask you an important question. Do you believe your best days are behind you or in front of you? How you answer that reveals much about your mindset, which really is the captain of your life. I was sitting near the lake yesterday enjoying a fabulous day when I struck up a conversation with a woman sitting next to me. We were both plunking away on our computers, but elated to be doing so; especially in those idealistic conditions. We made small talk about the amazing weather and the beauty of the lake. Then we progressed to our families, careers, etc. We finally somehow landed on our ages being the same. There was a huge difference between us though. Despite being the same age, she confessed to feeling extremely fatigued, weak and even concerned about how she would continue to age physically. She is a brilliant doctor with a very impressive career. Certainly, she excelled in training her brain! But, she admitted to despising exercise and now feeling the consequences of having lived a more sedentary life. She lacked energy. She struggled to execute the simplest of tasks, like picking up anything that had fallen to the ground. In fact, one of her children was sitting in on this part of the conversation and he said, "Yup, any time she accidentally drops something, she asks one of us to pick it up for her!" We laughed. She admitted feeling like, physically speaking, it was all downhill from here. I shared with her that I truly feel the opposite. I'm still very energetic and strong physically and I couldn't be more excited and optimistic about my future in every way. In fact, I said I almost feel like I've only just been born!

This conversation really got me thinking about the power of our mindset. It is the filter through which we experience life. There are so many ways I help my clients physically, like teaching them how to eat clean, get more sleep, drink more water, move more, etc. The truth is, though, if we don't first address a "rearview" mindset, meaning dispelling the notion that their best days are behind them and convincing them that indeed their best days can absolutely be right there in front, much of that newfound lifestyle knowledge won't make much impact because their core beliefs will prevent them from assimilating these healthful habits. How about you? If you were to learn more about ways to be healthier, would it make much difference? Would your current mindset help or hinder your progress? Can you see a thrilling, purpose-filled future for yourself, or do you see more of a countdown to the end, like the final minutes are just ticking away? As I write this, so many different people are flooding to my mind; some so future-focused and others who, in many ways, are already dead to life. All because of the mindset they CHOSE to adopt.

I know change is hard. Believe me. The adage is totally accurate. "You cannot lead people where you yourself have not gone." Truth! I admit to darker days. Otherwise, I wouldn't have such a bleeding heart to help those stuck in the "rearview" mindset. I was once there but now am totally future-focused and loving it! Would you like some support changing your mindset? Would you like a partner to help you get excited about your life? I'd be honored to be that coach for you. Nothing brings me more joy than helping facilitate deep lasting change in this way. Everyone wins. Yes, the client experiences transformation, but so does her entire family and network of friends. We never heal alone. As one woman does work, so do we all. We are all interconnected. So, when one experiences a win, we all experience that win! "Heal Mom, Heal Her Family." That's the nature of being human. It's a wonderful truth, one I desire so deeply to encourage others to appreciate. We do not exist in our own little silos. No! We are one giant family, and the moment we start rooting for one another, we'd see the human experience utterly transformed. Just start with you and see for yourself what blessings a new mindset has to offer.

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