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Love on a swing

I want to share something special I experienced last week when I was having a day of relaxation at a nearby spa. (I know, I spoiled! It's called self-care, right?) I was lying on a lounge chair in what is called The Whisper Room (yeah, so no talking is heaven on Earth, I swear!) when I looked up and saw these two women headed towards this beautiful swing.

It's inside a screened-in porch and, even though it was a cloudy day, it was still a really nice spot to chill. One woman was older than the other, making it easy to assume they were mother and daughter. I later learned that they were indeed, but it was obvious by the way they interacted. The mom sat down on the swing first. Then her daughter climbed on in a childlike way, curling up to her mom, both in their robes, and giggling in her ear. The mom kissed the top of her daughter's head and they smiled and laughed together. Of course it was mom who kept the swing going, because we never lose that urge to sway! It was clear they enjoyed a rich friendship. It got me thinking about my own daughter. I found myself praying I've done the good work to cultivate and nurture a solid friendship with her as well. I projected us into our future and imagined us on that very swing, laughing and talking all about the stuff going on in her life. The love I saw between them was really special.

The truth is, love like that doesn't happen by accident. We must be intentional to pursue those we care about by spending time with them, asking questions about the things they enjoy, actually jumping into their world and doing what interests them, making them a daily priority through conversation, always forgiving..every single time..and expressing your love to them every chance you get. That's surely what this mom did throughout her daughter's lifetime. Now, she reaps what she's sown and the harvest is plenty! Good job mom! May we all love well so that our lives are defined by rock-solid relationships that stand the many tests of time. This is health in its purest form. It's the only thing in life that matters.

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