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Oblivious to the Tank

I travel this one road nearly every day for the past 16+ years I’ve lived here. There’s this one house that has always had an old large reptile tank propped up on a stand on the front porch. I cringe every time I drive by wondering when in the heck they are going to do something with it. It’s empty. Totally out of place. For me, ruins entirely the aesthetics of what could be a lovely looking home. It occurred to me recently that the only rational explanation is that, because of how long its been there, the homeowners really don’t even see it anymore. Perhaps it was a project they swore they’d get to some 17 years ago. We’ve all done that, I suppose…started something with every intention to complete it but life gets in the way. Then, I ruminated further about this irritating eyesore. We all, to some degree, “leave the tank on the porch” when it comes to our behaviors and choices while those closest to us are forced to endure the repercussions. Let’s drill down tighter still and superimpose this theory onto our lifestyle choices. Perhaps you began smoking when you were young and naive but now your spouse really wants you to quit for your health and the health of your family. But, you don’t see “the tank” as an issue. Or maybe you frequent fast food drive-thrus for the perceived sake of convenience despite your doctor warning you that your increasing weight is threatening your health. Again, you can’t see “the tank.” Or maybe that job you’ve been so miserable at for the past 10 years eroding your otherwise pleasant demeanor is now affecting your family life and robbing you of quality sleep, but you don’t view “the tank” as the cause of these other problems.

See. We all prop up eyesores on our front porches and eventually grow oblivious to them. That’s a problem. We all have the potential to enjoy a clutter-free, joy-filled life but it requires putting on your work gloves and purging all of the habits that weigh you down. The first step is acknowledging that – yes – you do, in fact, have tanks you’ve ignored for far too long and then taking action to dispose of them. Now, your porch is ready to receive good and appropriate features that will allow you to use it in its intended way…to relax on and take in the serene views of your surroundings. By quitting smoking, you not only take an enormous step in the direction of reclaiming your health, but you also now provide clean air for your loved-ones to breath. You all win. When you choose to eat whole, clean foods from home and forego the fast food, you not only begin the journey of reclaiming your own health, but now you are modeling healthy food choices to your family. When you take intentional steps towards pursuing a career that expoloits your talents and giftedness, you not only regain hope for a better future, but your family reaps the benefits of a more content and less irritable version of you. Love returns to the home.

So, take some time to assess your “front porch.” Likely you’ll discover an old tank or two that desperately need discarding. If you have a relationship with Jesus, then ask Him to reveal what areas need attention. He is your Great Helper and oh so eager to show you the best path for living. If you desire support in starting this process, please give me a call. Together we can identify and address all of the roadblocks to your joy. You’ve got just this one life to live….live it well.

Lamentations 3:40   “Let us examine and probe our ways, And let us return to the LORD.”

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