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The Miracle Medicine of Gratitude

Well, if you are reading this, you have obviously been gifted another year. Being Thanksgiving Eve, I decided to encourage my readers to amp up their tradition to include more fervent, intentional praises of appreciation to the Giver of all things good. Truth is, such praises have wonderful impacts not only on our spiritual health but on our physical health as well! Consider this from WebMD: “What would happen if we extended the tradition of giving thanks, typically celebrated just once a year during the holiday season, throughout the entire year? Such gratitude would be rewarded with better health, say researchers.” Read the article for yourself…it’s just another example of modern science catching up with the indisputable wisdom of God’s word.

If I were to attempt to list all of the grace God has shown me this past year, I’d surely fail because it wouldn’t be possible to recall every incident of generosity. But, I can certainly try…

Abundant health for my family and I, provision for our needs and far beyond, warmth in the winter and cool in the summer, safety for my oldest as he steps into young adult life which includes driving and moving away, children who bless me beyond measure, a husband who loves me without limits, friends who support me and cheer me on as I continue to grow in my passion for helping others, opportunities to be creative, a church that has grown me exponentially, joy after grief, gut-busting laughter, eyes that see and appreciate His handiwork……

On and on and on I could go. I encourage you to go through this exercise in anticipation of the Thanksgiving holiday. Ask God to highlight all of the things for which you can be appreciative. Consider including this list in your prayer before enjoying your meal with loved-ones. Set a new tradition of speaking out loud with specificity all of the ways God has blessed you this year. Perhaps you’ll inspire others gathered around your table to do the same and a choir of praise will rise to the King!

I don’t know about you, but just listing these blessings out sets my heart right, brings me to my knees in humble gratitude before the God who deems me worthy of it all. That kind of joy is more than enough to carry me high throughout this day. What can we possibly give back to Him that lavishes so? Be a light for Him. Tell others about His goodness. Share the love He has set in your heart. Forgive..others and yourself. Help someone. Make the world a better place just by being kind.

I pray a special blessing over every person reading this blog. Father God, I ask that You would make Your presence known in a new way to each of us this year. I pray hearts would be open to receive such a gift. I pray roots of bitterness be destroyed and replaced with roots of grace. I pray that You would draw each of us closer to Your heart through deepended relationship with Your perfect Son, Jesus.

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