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What are you "consuming?"

While walking my two dogs this morning, I happened upon a disturbing but common sight. Yup. A poor deer had an unfortunate collision with someone's car. The car won. As usual, turkey vultures celebrated this tragic event by congregating in a massive group to enjoy breakfast together. Although somewhat repulsive looking, at least they're relational creatures. The scene got me thinking. Aren't we somewhat like these vultures at times? Rushing in droves to "feed" on something that's "dead," like fast food, gossip, negativity, toxic thought loops, alcohol/drugs, etc. We catch a whiff of opportunity to choose that which doesn't nourish and rush to it, only to feel the pangs of regret once we've indulged ourselves. Why, oh why, do we do this?

You've certainly heard it said, "You are what you eat." This is undeniably true. Sure, there are some who refuse to admit the interconnectedness between food / lifestyle choices and disease. In due time, their theory will be debunked by all kinds of symptoms, syndromes and diseases. I wish that wasn't the case, but it is. Most of us, though, realize we cannot exercise our way out of a bad diet or apologize our way out of repeatedly abusing someone. Everyone and everything has their limits.

So, ask yourself, "What am I feeding on?" Is your food dead or alive? If it's dead - meaning it has a long shelf life, is made in a factory, is filled with preservatives and unrecognizable ingredients nearly impossible to pronounce or discern - then it will bring death to your body. If, instead, your food is alive - meaning it spoils quickly, is a whole food or close to it, and has very few ingredients, all of which are recognizable and natural - then it will bring your body life. Pretty easy to follow, right? Consume death, experience death. Consume life, experience life. Apply this same logic to other areas of consumption. Choose gossip, experience the death of a relationship and integrity. Choose to value every person and speak edifying words to and about them, experience a thriving relationship and reputation. As a Health and Wellness Coach, I enter into relationship with clients ready to choose life over death and together we lay out a plan that, step by step, sets their feet on a course back to health of all kinds.

Don't be like the turkey vulture, following the masses who are soaring overtop the stench of death and gleaning their meal from it. Be instead someone who intentionally seeks out ways to add to your life, your wellbeing, and your health by consuming only what will build you up and strengthen you.

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