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Whole Body Health

Here's a link to a recently published article outlining ways to live a lifestyle geared towards whole body health, not just weight management. We know there is way, way more to being healthy than simply the number the scale spits out to us. As we are blessed enough to enter another holiday season, let's get our thoughts and beliefs right. This is a time of great joy and celebration, and - yes - for most, that includes delicious foods. Pay attention, though, to how far you'll let yourself go. In the moment, the screw tape of "c'mon, I deserve it. I work so hard all year. I want to enjoy myself now." plays on and on. And it is true, to a certain extent. Yes we all deserve a break now and then; a chance to "let our hair down" and savor life. You know what we also deserve? Health. Happiness and freedom that come with feeling great. We MUST be active participants in securing these aspects of life. A strong body and mind are not rights of passage. They must be earned through healthy choices day by day. So, go ahead and relish your holidays! Just mind the proportion of unhealthy to healthy choices so that January doesn't turn into this horrid month of self-deprecation and shame. Rather than holding to the ideal 80/20 rule, go ahead and dip into the 65/35 ONCE IN A WHILE. And when you're there...BE THERE. Enjoy it. Let that delicious food sit on your tongue for a bit. Actually taste it. Express genuine gratitude for it all...the food, friends, family, joy, love, provision, safety and security. THIS is true health.

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