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Building Our Own


Group Coaching Program

Do you feel isolated and disconnected?

Do you feel tension between "loving motherhood" and "is it supposed to be this hard?"

Do you want to learn how to be all-around healthier for you and your family?

This Village may be just what you're looking for!

Here's what's included:

  • 16 weeks:

    • A total of 8 Group Cooking Demonstrations (Two 90-minute cooking demonstrations each month)

      • learn how to shop, prep and prepare healthy meals your entire family will love​

      • learn basic kitchen skills and hacks

      • learn nutritional facts that will help you design your own meals that meet your family's needs

    • A total of 8 Group Coaching Sessions (Two 90-minute coaching sessions each month)

      • During each group coaching session, we'll discuss a specific lifestyle area (spirituality, thought life, diet, physical activity, sleep, self-care, time management, career, relationships, health, finances, home environment, creativity, learning, volunteering and joy)

      • You'll gain a solid understanding of how to achieve balance and contentment in all of these areas

    • Access to a private Facebook group

    • Lots of relevant and actionable wellness information

    • Many other membership bonuses!

Have questions? Interested in learning more?

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